Process and Method

The condensation of water vapour in the atmosphere is the natural phenomenon responsible for the formation of clouds that give rise to rain, due to changes in the temperature of the air masses and the earth’s surface.

MAYAQWA reproduces this phenomenon artificially inside its equipment by means of a mechanical cooling cycle. The energy efficiency of this cycle, driven by electric power or other energy sources, is the key to the economic viability of this technology.

It literally “rains inside our equipment”. The pure, fresh and environmentally friendly water produced in each unit is collected and pumped to tanks for further storage where it undergoes additional treatment for long-term preservation.

The best known technique for removing moisture from the air is the process of dehumidifying a moist air flow by cooling it. This method is the most widely used in industry, especially in air conditioning and air conditioning.

MAYAQWA’s main difference in dehumidification processes lies in optimising the production of water, condensing a large amount of water vapour contained in the air flow, using little energy.

MAYAQWA has managed to apply the right and necessary amount of energy to achieve the generation of the maximum water flow, thus reducing energy costs and, as a consequence, achieving significant economic savings.

Proceso y Método Ray Agua